Executive Director Trusted Peer Groups

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Trusted Peer Groups harness the power of peers to get better together, focusing on critical foundations touching all aspects of life and work.


  • Facilitate value-added discussion of professional and personal issues, concerns, challenges, successes and sharing experiences, ideas and best practices
  • Provide a confidential and safe forum for sharing amongst respected peers with similar responsibilities
  • Support Executive Directors in achieving their professional and personal goals
  • Provide this service in a cost effective manner

Group Formation

  • Peer groups will be made up of approximately 12-15 Executive Directors of local ministry non-profits.
  • We will focus on fit and chemistry for group formation as well as organization size and focus to create the greatest value.





The Prouty Project and Sam Smith are committed to a long term partnership with Barnabas to better serve ministries by facilitating monthly peer group meetings at their location in Eden Prairie. The Prouty Project is a management consulting firm that specializes in business and people strategies. They exist to creatively STRETCH leaders to achieve bigger goals, bolder strategies. The Prouty Project will host our monthly peer group meetings in their Creative Think Tank and Strategic Leadership Lab which provides creative meeting space for groups looking to strengthen connections, increase clarity and commit to actions and better collaboration.

Meeting Format

Hot Topics

  • Updates from each member
  • Discuss issues, concerns, challenges, successes, questions of interest and thoughts
  • Include professional and personal items

Prepared Content:

  • Roughly half of the monthly sessions will be focused on providing insights on essential elements specific to fundraising and development
  • Roughly half of the monthly sessions will be focused on specific leadership content to help you more effectively lead yourself, your teams and your organization.

Meeting Details

  • Target 12-15 members per group

  • Continental breakfast will be served

  • One meeting per month scheduled far in advance

  • Meetings will be in Eden Prairie at the Prouty Project facility

  • Meetings last 3 – 4 hours