Twin Cities Mobile Market

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Project Description

Twin Cities Mobile Market (TCMM) is a grocery store inside a retro-fitted city bus, bringing fresh, healthy food to people right where they live. There are ’food deserts’ throughout the Twin Cities and TCMM visits these sites in low-income neighborhoods to provide fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy items, and basic food staples such as rice and beans to the residents.

Within their first year of operation, TCMM joined forces with The Wilder Foundation. By 2015 TCMM was serving 19 locations in St. Paul and in 2016 added an additional bus and 15 locations in Minneapolis. Last year alone they served more than 2,000 customers with over 15,000 transactions. TCMM works to address food and health equity issues by serving people at public housing and other sites who lack access to affordable grocery stores.

Twin Cities Mobile Market articulated the need for immediate change as they had been given three months to “keep the wheels on the bus.” They asked Barnabas partners to brainstorm a new or improved revenue model using what TCMM has learned from past experience to keep the doors open.

Following Twin Cities Mobile Market’s presentation, Barnabas partners put their time, talents and connections to work for this inspiring ministry. Feedback included valuable questions and suggestions relating to food sources at reduced cost as well as options to reduce overhead expenses and increase sales. In addition, 10 connections were provided to explore potential partnerships.

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