Banyan Community

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Project Description

Banyan Community is rooted in the Phillips neighborhood to transform lives by developing youth, strengthening families, and creating community. As a community development organization we are able to work at all three levels to bring about lasting and transformational change. Our youth are graduating from high school at 100% (twice the average in the City of Minneapolis), parents are learning to be advocates for their children in education & health, and our community building programs are creating social capital and breaking down the isolation that many families in poverty experience.

Banyan’s overall goals are to:

  • Provide opportunities for youth to develop leadership skills, engage in positive relationships with peers and adults and have new experiences;
  • Provide academic support and accountability so that youth can succeed in school and college;
  • Create an environment of support around youth, through the encouragement and investment of the adults in the community;
  • Strengthen families by connecting them to resources and helping them to avert crisis and navigate change; Connect neighbors to each other so they can build a strong community

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