Presenter Tool Kit

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It is our mission to connect Christians seeking to make a meaningful impact for the Kingdom with emerging, local ministries in need of strategic support.

At each meeting, we hear from two ministries and brainstorm suggestions and connections to help address the challenges of the “business” of ministry. Barnabas partners then have the opportunity to use their time, talents, network and resources to provide additional support.

This toolkit provides important details for the meeting as well as some guidelines and tips for your presentation. Please let us know if you have any questions or need more information.

We look forward to connecting with you and learning more about how we can help!

Meeting Theme:
Risky Faith

Presenting Ministries & Speakers:

Meeting Date & Time:
Tuesday, ****
Dinner available at 5:00pm
Meeting 5:30-7:30pm
Please plan to arrive no later than 4:30pm and be prepared to stay until 8:00pm.

Colonial Church Edina
6200 Colonial Way
Edina, MN 55436

Contact for Questions:
Julie Eide, Managing Partner, C: 612-210-6049

Jennifer O’Neill, Program Manager & Communications Specialist
C: 612-202-0301

Key Dates:

The purpose of your presentation is to give the meeting attendees the context they need to be able to effectively brainstorm and offer suggestions, advice and connections to address your need(s) during the meeting. Think of your time as an opportunity to tap into the collective talents and experiences of a group of Christians looking to provide “on-the-spot” advice and feedback.

You will have 20 minutes to present to our group. To be respectful of the agenda and our partners’ time, we will hold you to that time limit. The quicker you get to your question/issue for the group to the discuss, the more time we’ll have to brainstorm with you, ask questions and provide feedback.

Our Barnabas partners represent diverse talents and experiences, but share a common desire to be used by God through what He places on our hearts. Our most successful presenters have:

  • Addressed an issue or need that speaks to the hearts of our Barnabas partners
  • Demonstrated outcomes and lessons learned
  • Told a compelling, personal story that grabbed the hearts of our Barnabas partners
  • Identified a clear challenge to work on, problem to solve, question to answer or topic to give feedback on during our time together

Prior to the meeting, our Barnabas partners will receive a “ministry briefing” based on the Fact Sheet you provide. The Briefing will cover the basic facts and background of your organization. You should NOT spend time in your presentation covering those topics.

The outline below is based on the lessons we have learned from prior presentations. It may be helpful to you as you prepare your presentation.

Why? “Why should I care about this issue? How does it touch my life?”
Time: 5 minutes

What? “What are you doing to address the problem/challenge? What is unique about your approach? What results have you had? What lessons have you learned?”
Time: 5 minutes

How can we help? Frame your “ask” in terms of a question or statement that participants can brainstorm around, provide feedback on or ask questions about during the evening.
Time: 5 minutes

Questions Allow time for members to ask questions to clarify their understanding.
Time: 5 minutes

On the evening of the meeting, you will be one of two local ministries presenting. A table at the entrance to the room will be available for you to display materials promoting your ministry (e.g., posters, brochures, etc.). Attendees will be encouraged to introduce themselves to you and browse your table. This is a great opportunity to connect with Barnabas partners 1:1.

As attendees enter the room, a montage of images will be displayed on screen representing our theme for the evening and the presenting ministries.

Per the agenda below, following an opening from a guest speaker, each ministry will be given 20 minutes to present. Barnabas members will then choose to participate in one of the two 30-minute group discussions.

A projector, laptop, speakers, microphone and a remote “clicker” will be available onsite for your use. You can also choose to bring your own laptop/tablet, but will be responsible for testing its compatibility prior to our 5:00p start time.

5:00-5:30pm:  Visit with our presenting ministries and enjoy a lite dinner
5:30-5:35pm:  Welcome and Introduction to The Barnabas Group
5:35-5:55pm:  Guest Speaker / Reflection
5:55-6:15pm:  Ministry Presentation #1
6:15-6:20pm:  Transition
6:20-6:40pm:  Ministry Presentation #2
6:40-7:10pm:  Facilitated Group Discussions
7:10-7:20pm:  Large Group Report-out
7:20-7:30pm:  Wrap-up & Next Steps

The Facilitated Group Discussions will be focused on generating ideas and suggestions to help respond to the question/issue you presented.

Within two to three weeks of your presentation, we will schedule a “deeper dive” meeting with you to share the consolidated feedback from the evening as well as a list of any Barnabas partners who are interested in learning more about or getting more involved with your organization. We will also be eager to hear feedback on your experience preparing for and presenting at the meeting.

After the meeting, please continue to share new needs or requests with us and let us know about upcoming events and activities so we can share with the group.

We appreciate the time and energy you are investing in this meeting. We look forward to your presentation and to seeing where God leads us.