Past Presenting Ministries & Organizations

Past Presenting Ministries & Organizations 2017-06-20T23:39:41+00:00

Our Barnabas Group Minnesota staff, in consultation with our Board of Directors, seeks out and invites pre-screened ministries to present at each of our meetings. To be considered as a potential presenter, ministries must meet our Presenter Criteria (PDF).

If you are interested in presenting at an upcoming Barnabas Group Minnesota meeting, or would like to recommend a ministry, please contact Julie Eide at



By 2009, through PULSE, 50,000 students had been impacted and over 10,000 had responded to the Gospel, becoming one of the largest student-led evangelism movements in American history. [Read more...]



We see needs, repair damaged homes, provide home supplies, partner, distribute food, respond to disasters, build loving relationship, pray, repair cars, and go where God leads up and do what He tells us to do. [Read more...]


Crossing Home

Crossing HOME serves individuals in recovery that are exiting treatment and the criminal justice system by providing safe, sober and affordable housing, helping them to find lasting employment, connect to community resources, and encouraging personal and spiritual growth. [Read more...]