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What does it mean to be a Partner of The Barnabas Group MN?

Strategic & Intentional

Ministries are chosen with great care, reviewed, vetted and coached prior to presenting and come well-prepared to share their stories and opportunities for service. Partners can trust the ministries are Christ-focused and responsibly run.

God-Focused & Ministry Minded

Barnabas asks ministries to be upfront with their specific needs, and we go boldly forth with the hope of changing the world one relationship at a time with our God-given gifts.  Ultimately, Partners desire to serve God’s Kingdom and grow stronger in relationship with Him. Partners do that by using their skills and passions to team up with exceptional ministries in meaningful ways.

Partner-Ministry Based Mission

Barnabas Partners aim to collaborate with other Kingdom leaders, collectively using time, talents and marketplace skills to help emerging ministries in a way that is consistent with their objectives, helping to transform lives worldwide as well as their own. Partners serve alongside ministries with humility desiring to steward the gifts and talents God has given each of them to serve His Kingdom here on earth. Building relationships with one another as well as with ministry leaders is the basis of Barnabas’s mission.

Benefits of Partnership

Here is a small snapshot of the platform partnership provides each year for ministries and Partners! What would happen if The Barnabas Group MN didn’t exist? Here are a list of things that did happen because TBG MN does exist:

  • We provide a unique platform that allows emerging ministries the opportunity to engage the time, talents and networks of our Partners.

  • This opportunity allows ministries to get in front of 80 plus faithful Partners at each of our meetings.

  • Each year Partners have 6 to 8 well known Christian leaders come challenge, encourage and educate them! Folks like Ward Brehm, John Busacker, Jay Bennett, Jon Turnipseed, Chad Schwitters and many others.

  • Over 12 ministries present each year to TBG MN Partners.

  • Each presenting ministry has a Ministry Sponsor, who is a Barnabas Partner that meets with them prior to presenting, introduces them at the Barnabas meeting and supports them, checking in every quarter for the next year.

  • TBG MN along with the Prouty Project hosts Executive Director Trusted Peer Group breakfasts every month, providing a place for ED’s to connect, collaborate and receive training in the areas of development and leadership.

  • Over 70 ministries interview with and are helped by Barnabas staff and board.

Life is not a spectator sport. Let’s get in the game!

Become a Partner

Our mission is to see the time, talent & network of marketplace & other Kingdom leaders help ministries in way that is cohesive with their objectives – from small start-ups to new initiatives and enterprises within larger organizations – transforming lives worldwide. Click the button below to download and fill out a PDF application, or contact us today to learn more about becoming a partner.

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