Member Testimonials

What an encouragement and blessing you are to us as we serve and seek to restore lives.

Bob Oehrig, Arrive Ministries,

Thank you again for your generous gift of time. We are all given a precious 1,440 minutes each day and I thank you for coming alongside this fledgling organization and helping us chart the path forward.

Tracy Kiebler, Apparent Plan,

I have found the Barnabas Group Minnesota to be the most effective way to find those organizations that spread the gospel by the services thy provide. The Barnabas members have been cordial to me as a new member and are quality people I count as friends

Bert Amdahl, Barnabas Group Member, Minneapolis, MN

The Barnabas Group Minnesota has provided an up close look at wonderful ministries and has given me the opportunity to help in solving their challenges. A special blessing has been the chance to work with my daughter and granddaughter while working with a Barnabas presenting ministry.

Cheryl Jacobsen, Barnabas Group Member, Minneapolis, MN